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Why You Need A Domain Name

You need a Domain Name for three reasons:-

  • Protect your identity/brands.
  • Send branded E-Mails.
  • Build a website.

What To Consider Before Buying A Domain Name

When choosing a Domain Name, you should consider:-

  • Is it easy for your customers to remember ?
  • What Domain Name space best suits you (eg. com, net, info,,, and many more).
  • How long you want to register your Domain Name(s).
  • How many Domain Names should you have.
Australian Domain Names have restrictions regarding eligibility - this means that you must have your Business, Company or Organisation registered first (i.e. you need to have a valid ABN/ACN/BN before you attempt to buy the Domain Name).

As part of the Domain Name registration process, the Domain Registrar will do an online lookup into ASIC's database  to ensure that your Company/Business Name matches the ABN/ACN/BN you're entering.

See .au Domain Administration Limited - Domain Name Eligibility and Allocation Policy Rules for the Open 2LDs (2008-05)  for details (specifically Schedule C - Eligibility And Allocation Rules For

Domain Pricing

Domain pricing will vary depending on what type of Domain Name you want (or indeed are allowed to get) and where you register your Domain (in Australia, the USA or elsewhere).

How to Buy A Domain Name

To buy, click here 
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Domain Names

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