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Search Engine Optimisation

We have many years experience in optimising Websites so that they get high rankings in the results of the major search engines - Bing, Google, etc. We do this by employing industry "Best practices":-

  1. We'll make sure that your website has the best content to rank highly in a search engine's "natural" or un-paid "organic" search results. This also means ensuring your content is unique (and not copied from another website).
  2. We also ensure that there are no barriers to prevent the indexing activities of search engines - which can be caused by poor / invalid coding and/or poor website structure.
  3. And we don't use manipulative techniques to improve your rankings on search engines - these only provide "short term" gains and will always get your website penalised when the search engines discover them.

To "sum up", we always adhere to the Search Engine's Webmaster guidelines - as per Google's Webmaster Guidelines. 

Finally, we automatically install Sitemap software in all our Joomla! websites so that your site is immediately indexed by the Search Engines and your links stay updated without you having to do anything!

Google AdWords & AdSense

We also are very familiar with both Google AdWords  & Google AdSense , and can assist you with creating an AdWords campaign and/or placing Ads on your Joomla! site.

In a highly competitive industry, Google AdWords can be cost effective in bringing more leads to your website.

We always recommend that just prior to your website going live, you signup for any Google AdWords offers so that you can "kick-start" advertising your website and have access to Google's online Key Words & marketing tools.

Domain Names

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